Much has taken place over the past few years to draw my attention away from maintaining my presence as a Photographer, such as comes with marriage and placing family first, holding a side career as a Coffee Roaster, and enjoying running in all of its simplicity. There are countless positive aspects to all of these factors and I have concluded that there is really only one drawback, that being my neglect of this website. The new year has also brought with it a considerable dose of change this time around and as it would happen I have been given the opportunity to step 100% back into my Freelance role as a Photographer and Filmmaker. That said, expect to see “new” posts from the archives that chronicle the past two or more years of silence, including stories with content from shoots highlighted throughout this website and personal projects alike, as well as any current projects as they’re completed.

Trail Running the Wallowa Mountains
Circumnavigating Mount Hood
Ascending Casaval Ridge on Mount Shasta