Adventure & specialty coffee over the far reaches of Oregon.

Mark Hellweg founded Clive Coffee during the 2008 recession and in a relatively short time it has grown to be the leader in luxury home espresso. There was a time prior to espresso's takeover in the company, however, when it focused more on the meditative process of home brewing and pour over. It was at this time that I met Mark, myself a coffee roaster at the shop next door, and proposed to him the idea of taking this experience beyond the kitchen and into the great outdoors, documenting the experience along the way. The idea was gladly accepted, a few bottles of whiskey were exchanged and a couple of friends and me were off to go camping with Clive.
Featuring: Aeropress & Porlex Mini, with Ean Cornell
Steens Mountain / Alvord Desert
Featuring: Hario V60 with Ben Schultz
Crater Lake / Mount Thielsen
Featuring: Frieling Double Walled French Press with James Holk
Oregon Dunes / Pacific Ocean
Featuring: Traditional Chemex with Annie Bethancourt
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