In-House Creative Producer

Clive Coffee is the leader in luxury home espresso and I had the privilege of holding a long-term position with the company as a head of their creative production. To this day most of the visual content seen across their website and products was created during my time as their photographer and videographer, and I continue to freelance for the growing company.
About Clive Commercial - Roles: Producing, storyboarding, sourcing, directing, filming and editing ; Script: Adam Raper
Over a span of 4+ years, from 2017 to 2021, I held the position of photographer and video producer for Clive Coffee. All photo and video content during this time was either created or curated by me. On the rare occasion that a project was outsourced, it still passed through my hands for editing. 
Within this case study you'll find a collection of my work in product knockouts, lifestyle photography, commercials, how-to videos, illustrations and animations. ​​​​​​​

Pre-Infusion Overview Comparison 
Roles: Producing, shot-list planning, sourcing, directing, filming, animating and editing.
Talent: August Epstein
Script: Amanda Craft
LUCCA Atom Commercial - Roles: producing, storyboarding, sourcing, directing, filming, illustrating, animating and editingVoice-Over: Benjamin Piff ;  Script: Adam Raper
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