Over a span of 4+ years, from 2017 to 2021, I held the position of photographer and video producer for Clive Coffee; I was essentially Clive's sole creative producer. All visual content during this time was either created by me or else, on the rare occasion that a project was outsourced, passed through my hands for editing. Within this case study you'll find a collection of my work in product knockouts, lifestyle photography, commercials, how-to videos, illustrations and animations. ​​​​​​​

About Clive - Commercial
Roles: Producing, storyboarding, sourcing, directing, filming and editing.
Script: Adam Raper
LUCCA Atom - Commercial
Roles: Producing, storyboarding, sourcing, directing, filming, illustrating, animating and editing.
Voice-Over: Benjamin Piff
Script: Adam Raper

Pre-Infusion - Overview Comparison 
Roles: Producing, shot-list planning, sourcing, directing, filming, animating and editing.
Talent: August Epstein
Script: Amanda Craft
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