A series of short films produced for specialty coffee manufacturer, Ratio.

Proud Mary is deluxe coffee made accessible. Founder Nolan Hirte brought his Australian based specialty coffee and high-end food innovation engine to America with great success and they now have locations in Portland, OR and Austin, TX. He is now on a mission to take that success back to the farmers who make it all possible.
Founder of Ratio Coffee, Mark Hellweg reached out to me to tell this story because he believes in what Nolan is doing. This gave Hirte a medium to share all he is doing to educate the public about how much work goes into producing coffee, and how little the farmers are compensated for it. His goal is to reshape the industry as a whole to better see and understand coffee as a precious commodity, more on the same level as wine or scotch, or a fine cheese. 
Watch the videos to learn exactly how Nolan Hirte is going about achieving these results.
Roles: producing, directing, filming, editing
Roles: producing, directing, filming, editing ; Additional footage: sourced from Nahun Fernandez
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