An overview, setup guide and marketing commercial campaign for their latest brewer.

The Ratio Six is a simple and elegant home coffee brewer that makes the complex art of chemex and pour over coffee not only simplified, but elegant. The brewer comes after the wide popularity and success of its predecessor, the Eight, and brings with it a more slim and sleek design, using a flat bottom filter instead of the traditional cone. ​​​​​​​
Ratio founder, Mark Hellweg tasked me with producing a series of videos to highlight the brewer's tasteful design, ease of use and general entrance into the world of coffee. The Overview and Unboxing videos are assisted by text animation call outs, providing an informative case study of the contents and user friendliness of the brewer, and are shown in a linear, near realtime format. Accompanying these two videos is an additional lifestyle short, made at the time of launch to market the coming of the Six.
My roles included producing, directing, filming and editing as well as shot lists, storyboards and lighting.
Set design elements were provided by Mark Hellweg. The Overview and Setup video talent is Ryan Cross. The marketing commercial talent is Erica Baldwin. 
Lifestyle commercial and marketing launch video.
Unboxing and setup video guide.
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