Desiree Marek's story of overcoming grief through her community and ultra running

Skout Backcountry was started in Portland, Oregon by Jason Pastega to be a simpler, better tasting energy bar alternative to many of the market's offerings at that time. An idea that was born on Mount Hood, the bars are made with few ingredients and a simple, healthy recipe, and it was fitting that they would become a source of fuel for athletes and ultra runners. While kids are the brand's focus today, the bars are just as simple, energizing and delicious as ever.
This is the personal story of Skout Backcountry ambassador and ultra runner, Desiree Marek. Recounting her start as a runner, Marek shares how the pain and intense discomfort of the sport proved, in the end, to actually be a source of strength. Over time she grew not only personally, but in the relationships that were fostered along the way. The running community offered an immense source of support and comfort during a difficult time of change and loss in her life. Through the examples learned in the sport of running and the people who make it up were lessons she since discovered are profoundly applicable to life as a whole.
James Holk: producer, director, dp, cinematographer, editor
Rachel Jones: producer, drone op., color grade
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